“The Only Contract You’ll Ever Need With 10-Hour Wholesaling”


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We love celebrating success in our little community. Check out this email we received recently from 10-Hour Wholesaler Member, Will Buckmaster…


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Alright, if you’re new to 10-Hour Wholesaling, as you’re about to learn, this is the easiest (and fastest) way to start making quick cash in real estate.

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“How to Build Your Cash Buyer And Wholesaler Lists Using These (Free) Craigslist Templates”


Hey, I have an awesome resource for you to download today.

===>  Your “10-Hour Wholesaler” Craigslist Lead-Getting Templates

All you have to do is cut-and-paste these templates to start building your cash buyer and wholesaler lists.

One of our members sent us an email with the subject line…

“Craigslist cash buyer ad on FIRE!!!”

He posted the ad and got 11 responses in 3 hours.

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Craigslist Templates








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PS – After you download your Craigslist Templates, pay close attention to the video.